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Rewards of Working in Healthcare

Working in the healthcare and medical industry offers many rewards and benefits. It's a growing industry that offers a plethora of exciting career opportunities suited to various skill sets, interests and educational backgrounds. Whether you desire to be on the frontline rescuing the injured, on the sideline assisting in the operating room, or behind the scenes analyzing blood samples or managing data, there's a position for you. Below we'll explore the top rewards and benefits of a career healthcare.

Job Growth and Security
The healthcare industry is growing like never before. An aging population of babyboomers, new advents in medical technology and systems, and easier access to healthcare coverage are just a few of the many factors driving growth in this industry. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the healthcare industry is on track to surpass government and business to become the largest employment sector in the United States – adding over 5 million new jobs by 2024. Currently, half of the top 20 jobs with the fastest employment growth are in healthcare. What does this mean to you? Plenty of job opportunity and security. Just about anywhere you live are will be living, you'll find career opportunities in healthcare abound. And once you find a good job, you're unlikely to ever get laid off.

Earnings and Benefits
The healthcare industry provides some of the most attractive employment benefits of any career industry. For starters, the pay is great. Due to the high demand for skilled healthcare workers and medical professionals, if you decide to pursue a career in this industry you can look forward to competitive pay and fringe benefits. Healthcare professionals can earn anywhere from $45,000 a year on the low end, for technologists, technicians, and assistants, to over $100,000 a year, for physicians, health specialists, and some nurses. The more education you attain, the more job opportunities you'll have and the better pay you'll receive. Pay is also influence by position, employer and location. Hospitals tend to pay more their employees more than other healthcare institutions.

In addition to attractive pay, healthcare workers usually receive retirement packages, 401ks, paid vacation leave each year, sick time, and tuition reimbursement. Many healthcare organizations will pay for their employees to complete college as long as they come back and work for an agreed upon amount of time following graduation. Other healthcare employers provide their employees partial tuition reimbursement, paid training and continuing education – no strings attached.

Healthcare is one of the few industries that offers work week flexibility. For example, even though hospitals are open 24/7, their employees often have the option of working evening shifts, afternoon shifts or night shifts. Often employees will work long shifts for several days and then have several days off.

Fast Paced Environment
Want a job that offers a little excitement and a lot of variety? If so, then a career in healthcare may be just what the doctor ordered. Every day on the job in healthcare brings new and exciting experiences, opportunities and challenges. As a paramedic, one day you'll be resuscitating an unresponsive child. The next you'll be administering life saving procedures to an accident victim. As a clinical laboratory technologist you may tasked with analyzing a patient's blood, tissue and fluid samples to detect disease. The opportunities are endless. The adventure is ongoing.

Hospitals in particular provide healthcare workers with a cacophony of opportunities, adventures and challenges. As a hospital worker (physician, nurses, technologist, etc.) your knowledge, ability and ingenuity will be pushed to the limits as you tackle new and demanding challenges each day and learn how to solve complex medical and operational problems.

Whatever healthcare field you choose to work in, you'll be pushed to your limits, constantly improving your skills and learning new things. The ever evolving landscape of medical technology will also require you to stay up to date on the latest and greatest healthcare innovations, technologies and procedures that relate to your specific field and career path.

An Opportunity to Help People
For many, the greatest attraction of a career in healthcare is the opportunity to help people and make a meaningful, positive impact in their lives. As a healthcare professional, you'll work closely with people every day, people who will look to you for answers, assistance, and comfort as they face the challenges of their unique circumstances. You'll be trusted with the care and lives of infants, children, mothers, fathers, families, and the elderly. You'll assist patients recovering from illness and injury. You'll support those struggling with life altering disease. You'll provide comfort to they dying when comfort is all that can be provided. At the end of each day you'll retire to your bed knowing that what you did that day and what you'll do the next makes a real difference in the lives of real people.

There isn't any other career field where your contribution will make such a positive impact in the lives of others and be so greatly appreciated as in healthcare.

A career in healthcare or medicine is truly rewarding. There aren't many industries that can provide the job stability and growth as healthcare. Pay and benefits are exceptional and career advancement opportunities are always available. Each day dawns new experiences and learning opportunities. Best of all a career in healthcare is personally fulfilling. What you do as a healthcare professional makes a real difference, each and every day, in the lives of those you serve.

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