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Psychologists specialize in human behavior and brain function. They study all features of human experience, including child development, cognitive function, and human relationships.

Psychologists treat people struggling with depression and other problems, but many also conduct research. Specifically, research psychologists attempt to understand how behavior affects mental health and brain functioning.

In addition to counseling patients and conducting research, many psychologists work as consultants, administer personality and intelligence tests, and teach at secondary schools, colleges, and universities.

Some psychologists work with athletes to improve athletic performance, while others consult with business managers to discuss strategies for reducing stress at work. Some assist attorneys with jury selection, while others discuss educational reform with school administrators. Immediately following a school shooting, plane wreck, or other mass causality disaster, psychologists make themselves accessible to victims and bystanders. They frequently collaborate with public health and police personnel to determine motivations for mass shootings and discuss prevention strategies.

Working Conditions
Psychologists typically setup and manage private practices. They're also employed at universities, secondary schools, medical clinics, psychiatric health clinics, correctional facilities, and community health centers.

Psychologists usually enjoy their jobs. Most enjoy the flexibility and opportunity to assist others. Many are involved in research that is improving behavior, relationships, and individual health, in addition to providing answers about the human mind.

Career Training and Education
Most psychologists hold graduate degrees in general, counseling, school, clinical, or various other branches of psychology. If a career in psychology interests, you select a program that is accredited. Information about accredited psychology graduate degree programs can be obtained from the American Psychological Association (APA).

Most students enrolled in undergraduate and graduate degree programs in psychology are required to take courses in abnormal, clinical, and child psychology, behavior science, sociology, and child development.
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Psychologists specialize in analyzing human behavior and brain function. They study all features of human experience, including child development, cognitive function, and human relationships. Psychology offers a wide array of career opportunities.

Salary: $30,000 - $78,654

Education: 4 - 8 Years (beyond high school)

Job Outlook: Excellent

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