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Eating a well-balanced diet is a vital component of a healthly life and proper bodily function. Improving diet can reduce many health risks, including heart disease, diabetes, obesity cancer, and a variety of other metabolic disorders. A poor diet exacerbates just about any health issues and makes people more prone to illness and disease.

Dietitians and nutritionists specialize in helping people achieve and maintain proper nutrition and a healthy diet to improve their health, prevent disease or achieve specific health goals. Specifically, dietitions and nutritionists assess patients' nutritional needs, consult patients' on health eating habits, develop goal-oriented meal plans, follow and contribute to nutritional science, and educate the public about healthy eating.

Dieticians often organize public awareness campaigns about the importance of proper nutrition to health and wellbeing on an individual, community and societal level. Many consult with food companies that produce health foods and weightloss plans.

Dieticians often work with specific groups of people, such as children and the elderly. The following are typical job duties of dieticians:
  • Develop nutritional plans for people with diabetes or weight problems
  • Oversee nutrition programs for correctional facilities, schools, hospitals, and other organizations
  • Organize public awareness campaigns about nutrition
  • Design, modify and enhance accuracy on food labels
  • Making sure food is safe and sanitary
  • Conducting research
  • Consulting food producers attempting to improve the nutritional value of their products
An increasing awareness of the link between proper nutrition and good health is spurring demand for nutritionists and dietitians in just about very sector of the healthcare industry. Additionally, an aging generation of babyboomers will turn to nutritionists and dietitians to help them live healthier into old age.

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