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Forensic science involves the application of science to criminal investigations and law enforcement. Interestingly, there is a large overlap between the fields of medicine and forensic science. Many medical professionals, including ondontologists, pathologists, medical examiners and toxicologists, use their medical expertise to help investigate crimes, analyze evidence and assist with police investigations.

In recent years, popular televisions shows and movies, including CSI Miami, NCIS and CBS's Crime Scene Investigation, have driven public interest in forensic science through the roof. In response, colleges and universities have started expanding their educational offerings in the field of forensic science. The truth be told, most forensic scientists and medical professionals don't have a degree in "forensic science", rather they earn degrees in fields that the industry is built on, including biology, chemistry, pathology and psychology.

When investigating crimes, forensic science pulls from a number of disciplines, including mathematics, physics, chemistry, psychology, human anatomy and toxicology. Medical forensic scientists also assist with investigations into drug abuse, steroid scandals in professional sports, drug screening, environment catastrophes that present a public health risk, and toxic chemical spills.

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