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Environmental health is a branch of the public health that examines how air quality, climate change, agriculture, land use, water, waste, and pollution affect and influence human health. The goal of environmental health professionals to protect and preserve the natural environment in an effort to improve human health and the ecosystem.

Environmental health professionals work to address environmental problems, including pollution,toxins and carcinogens, that can lead to disease or cause other health problems such as allergies, asthma, and cancer among human and animal populations. They also examine how agriculture grown in contaminated soil and irrigated with polluted water can increase and spread food borne illnesses in humans.

There are five basic disciplines within the field of environmental health. These include environmental epidemiology, toxicology, exposure science, environmental engineering, and environmental law. Career fields within environmental health made address just one or each of these disciplines.

Environmental health professionals first identify environmental hazards and then develop strategies to reduce or eliminate them from the environment. The main focus of the industry is reduce, eliminate and address the follow:
  • Air, water, soil, and radiation pollution
  • Pollutants that can contaminate the food supply
  • Pollutants amassing near public areas and schools
  • Any other pollutant posing an environmental hazard
Environmental health practitioners include public health inspectors, occupational safety experts, environmental health officers, public health researchers, environmental health specialists, and sanitarians. Although each of these professionals specializes in one area of environmental health, they are collectively responsible for educating the public, conducting research, and lobbying elected officials to develop new technology, processes and policy to improve the environment.

Environmental health specialists work closely with elected officials, engineers, doctors, meteorologists, biologists, geologists, chemists, and other professionals to identify and eliminate environmental pollutants.

Environmental health is the perfect industry for those seeking a dynamic career in a public health field that improves the world we live in and quality of life for everyone.

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