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Chiropractic is an complementary and alternative form of medicine that focuses on diagnosis and treatment the "mechanical" disorders of muscles, nerves and skeletal system – with focus on the spinal column. Chiropractic doctors and practitioners (aka chiropractors) use manual manipulation of the spine (spanish manipulation therapy – SMT) and joints, massage therapy and other procedures to treat disorders and improve the health of their patients. Unlike medical doctors, chiropractors do not perform surgeries or invasive procedures, nor do they prescribe medicine. They do however refer their patients to medical doctors when they feel chiropractic therapies are insufficient.

Many within the field of medicine do not consider chiropractic therapies as mainstream. Notwithstanding, a growing number of people are turning to chiropractors to treat illness or injury using less invasive and more holistic approaches to healing and wellness. In fact, some insurance companies, including Medicare, now cover certain services provided by chiropractors. Even though chiropractors are not licensed medical doctors, they adhere to the same code of ethics and professional standards as physicians.

Chiropractic medicine and procedures, including spinal manipulation, joint manipulation, exercise promotion, nutrition, stress reduction, cryotherapy, and trigger point therapy, are growing in popularity not only among people who prerer alternative medicine but the public in general.

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