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Did you know that pursuing an education in the arts and humanities can actually prepare you for a career in healthcare. Most people who study the arts and humanities during college develop effective analytical, communication and research skills – skills utilized by healthcare workers on a daily basis. An education in arts and humanities also equips students with knowledge useful for developing various art based patient therapies and treatments.

Healthcare workers with a background in the humanities have the ability to connect with patients and understand how culture affects human health. Not surprisingly, art and humanities healthcare specialists often speak a foreign language. In an age of increasing globalization, being able to speak a second language is an invaluable asset in the field of healthcare.

Pursuing a higher education in arts and humanites is excellent preparation for a career in health care as an Art Therapist, Medical Illustrator, Medical Libraran or Medical Historian. A college degree in arts and humanities is also great preparation for medical school.

A growing number of healthcare professionals are using art to express themselves and cope with the painful task of assisting sick, dying, and suffering people.

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